As a result, it would be wise to define it in an employment agreement.

May 5th, 2021

(a) Should Buyer breach this Agreement or refuse or fail to purchase the Property as contemplated herein, Sellers shall be entitled to retain the Earnest Money Deposit as liquidated damages or seek specific performance, at its sole discretion. While a Sales Agreement and Bill of Sale have similar purposes, a Sales Agreement offers a more detailed payment plan and provides warranties on the item. It also allows both parties more flexibility prior to completing the agreement by arranging terms to secure goods before they are purchased ( Something in return is Consideration. In every contract, agreement must be supported by consideration. It must be lawful and real. Basically, a contract unfolds when an offer by one party is accepted by the other party . The accepted offer should be without any qualification and be definite. An offer needs to be clear, definite, complete and final. It should be communicated to the offeree. A proposal when accepted becomes a promise or agreement. The offer and acceptance must be consensus ad idem which means that both the parties must agree on the same thing in the same sense i.e. identity of wills or uniformity of minds. Commercial property owners typically have business liability insurance on their building. The insurance would cover any damages to the property in addition to abated rent. Personal property of a tenant that is damaged would be covered by the tenant’s own insurance. It’s a good idea for the tenant to have business interruption insurance as well to cover any potential financial losses. Since both parties have insurance the tenant on personal property and the landlord on the property the rent abatement puts the lease contract between landlord and tenant on hold until the property can be occupied again agreement abatement meaning. (1) No Reliance. It is acting for its own account, and it has made its own independent decisions to enter into that Transaction and as to whether that Transaction is appropriate or proper for it based upon its own judgment and upon advice from such advisors as it has deemed necessary. It is not relying on any communication (written or oral) of the other party as investment advice or as a recommendation to enter into that Transaction; it being understood that information and explanations related to the terms and conditions of a Transaction shall not be considered investment advice or a recommendation to enter into that Transaction. It has not received from the other party any assurance or guarantee as to the expected results of that Transaction. * recording of conversations provision added to form of schedule The key thing to remember is that the ISDA Master Agreement is a netting agreement and all Transactions depend upon each other. Beleid tersebut dirilis sebagai tindak lanjut dari telah diratifikasinya persetujuan perdagangan bebas Asean-Hong Kong sebagaimana tertuang dalam Peraturan Presiden Nomor 34/2020. Kesepakatan ini sekaligus menambah daftar free trade agreement yang dimiliki Pemerintah Indonesia. Definisi MELANSIR laman resmi Kementerian Perdagangan Republik Indonesia perjanjian perdagangan bebas (free trade agreement/FTA) adalah perjanjian di antara dua negara atau lebih untuk membentuk wilayah perdagangan bebas. . Kajian Hukum Mengenai ACFTA. Last modified 2011. http// Manfaat FTA MANFAAT yang dapat diperoleh dari FTA antara lain terjadinya trade creation dan trade diversion. Trade creation adalah terciptanya transaksi dagang antaranggota FTA yang sebelumnya tidak pernah terjadi, akibat adanya insentif yang berasal dari pembentukan FTA more. 16.6.5 As an exception to the above, the fonts listed at are included with the Software only for purposes of operation of the Software user interface and not for inclusion within any Output Files. Such listed fonts are not licensed under this Section 16.6. Customer agrees that it will not copy, move, activate or use, or allow any font management tool to copy, move, activate or use, such listed fonts in or with any software application, program, or file other than the Software. 16.10 Contribute Publishing Services. Subject to the Contribute Publishing Services software end user license agreement accompanying such software, Customer shall not connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software unless Customer has purchased a license to connect to such Contribute Publishing Services software for each individual who may connect to such Contribute Publishing Services software; provided, however, that trial versions of Adobe Contribute software may install and connect to the Contribute Publishing Services software in accordance with the Contribute Publishing Services software end user license agreement (link). 2 Peter 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, If tube feeding is required for an extended time, then a gastric or G tube is put directly into the stomach through an opening made in the side or abdomen. This second method is sometimes called a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube. It carries risks of infection, pneumonia, and nausea. Also criticized is the NWT’s insertion of the name Jehovah 237 times in the New Testament without extant New Testament Greek manuscript evidence that the name existed there.[302][303][304] Watch Tower publications have claimed that the name was “restored” on a sound basis, stating that when New Testament writers quote earlier Old Testament scriptures containing the Tetragrammaton (), “the translator has the right to render Kyrios (“LORD”) as Jehovah.”[305] The NWT mentions twenty-seven other translations that have similarly rendered Kyrios as a form of the name Jehovah, stating that there is only one verse where the NWT does so without agreement from other translations.[306] Diego was 83 and had lived in a nursing home for several years with advanced Parkinsons disease last days not open to any agreement. Ford made seven international trips during his presidency.[135] In 1971, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education that “Busing was a permissible tool for desegregation purposes.” However, in the closing days of the Nixon administration, the Supreme Court largely eliminated District Court ability to order busing across city and suburban systems in the case of Milliken v. Bradley.[87] It meant that disgruntled white families could move to the suburbs and not be reached by court orders regarding segregation of the central city schools agreement. This standard applies to all persons or companies with whom UTSA enters into contracts to provide services involving Information Resources and to those in the UTSA organization who sponsor a vendor or consultant. Violation of this Policy may result in disciplinary action which may include termination for employees, termination of business relationships for contractors or consultants. Additionally, individuals are subject to loss of St. Marys University Information Resources access privileges and civil and criminal prosecution. Third Party Vendors shall be held accountable for payment for reimbursement of damages resulting from a disclosure, breach, data loss or other events that puts the university data at risk (

After acceptation by the faculty of medicine of Rennes, the student must complete a learning agreement (obligatory part of your application form).After submission of traineeships chosen by the student, the international relations office will propose a traineeship over one or two semesters, according to your request. It is Western Frances largest research and higher learning institution in arts, literature, languages, social sciences and humanities, with approximately 20,000 students and 600 professors. It has five faculties: languages, social sciences, human sciences, art, literature and communication and sports and physical education and teaches some 21 modern languages at undergraduate and graduate level. With its 20 research units, Rennes 2 University is a reference centre for: research in behaviour, learning and health; societies and environments; languages, literature and culture; and art (history, applied, criticism) learning agreement rennes 2. The act also requires that the consumer be provided with pre-agreement documentation prior to any credit transaction. This document must contain certain prescribed information including the interest rate charged, the instalment repayment period and the monthly repayment amount. In terms of a credit guarantee, a third party agrees to pay to a creditor the amount due by a consumer, on demand (as, for example, in the case of suretyship, in terms of which personal security is provided for the debt of another person resulting from an overdrawn cheque account). In terms of pawn transactions, money is lent and the borrower provides an item of property as security, the resale value of which is greater than the loan. The creditor is entitled to sell the property if the money is not repaid by an agreed date, and to keep the proceeds of the sale intermediate credit agreement. Generally, rental contracts and housing rights in Germany are in favor of the tenant, providing lots of protection. Landlords must comply with strict legislation and are only allowed to evict tenants in very restricted circumstances (see below under Tenants Rights). The landlord can end a rental agreement only under the following circumstances: You might get some excerpts from the Operational Costs Ordinance attached to your rental contract these govern how landlords can charge tenants for all the things needed to make the building function. Although oral agreements are, in principle, legally binding, they are much harder to prove. It is therefore wise to conclude a tenancy agreement in writing in case any disagreements arise. If youre a pet lover, you may want to know the rules on house pets before moving in ( We might refuse an application for joint tenancy if: What to do if a family member or friend dies whilst theyre a council tenant. When you sign your tenancy agreement, you agree to live in your property according to the terms set out in the agreement. You can find out what kind of tenancy you have on your tenancy agreement. Whats in your tenancy agreement and what happens if you break your tenancy conditions If you keep getting involved in anti-social behaviour, we may change your tenancy to a demoted tenancy or family intervention tenancy In recent years, the SAT testing service has considered none to be strictly singular. However, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage: “Clearly none has been both singular and plural since Old English and still is. The notion that it is singular only is a myth of unknown origin that appears to have arisen in the 19th century. If in context it seems like a singular to you, use a singular verb; if it seems like a plural, use a plural verb view. Data can only be held whilst your Data Sharing Agreement is in date. If you have an existing agreement, then there should be no gap from the end date of your previous agreement to the start of your new agreement. 3 months prior to your DSA expiry date you will be sent a notification to remind you that you need to consider either submitting a renewal or extension to your current Data Sharing Agreement to enable you to retain the data for a longer period or to destroy the data at the end of your DSA ( Receive advice that you need to complete a specified period of supervised practice and the National Psychology Exam You may also need to apply for a visa issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. We cannot advise you on matters related to visa eligibility – please visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs website for further information. Fill in application form APOS-76 and provide all required documents to AHPRA Complete specified period of supervised practice in accordance with your approved plan Psychologists using our services will have their qualifications reviewed for eligibility for registration (i.e., license) agreement. When you need to “get it in writing,” the options are usually a contract or a memorandum of agreement. The Tool Box is assuming here that most smaller organizations, whether they’re drafting contracts or agreements, will have discussed the terms already with the contractor(s) or signer(s), and that there will be no surprises for anyone in the final document. This type of open, collaborative process makes life easier for everyone, and increases the chances that the terms of the contract or agreement will be fulfilled. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a document describing a bilateral agreement between parties. An MOU expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action Australias INDC states that Australia will implement an economy-wide target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. Comparing targets between member countries is complicated by the use of different baseline years as well as different target years. For example, in comparison: The Paris Agreement also states, for the first time in an international climate agreement, that we should pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 C (Article 2). In Paris, the IPCC was asked to provide a new special report in 2018 (known as SR1.5) on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels. In addition, parties are aiming to peak global greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible (Article 4) here.

A consignment agreement is a long term agreement you create for the purchase of goods under a consignment arrangement with your supplier. Consignment inventories consist of items that are in possession of one party (for example, customers, dealers, or agents) but remain the property of another party (for example, the manufacturer). When the application is configured to copy descriptive flexfields from requisition headers or lines to corresponding purchase order headers or lines, you can’t group requisition lines. A blanket purchase agreement with supplier Advanced Network Devices is hosted by Vision Operations, and is made available to Vision Services view. MPEG LA welcomes other patent holders to join Librassay. For information, please email 25Id., 7.8. We understand this to mean that licensees are free also to develop technological alternatives to the MPEG-2 compression standard. (DENVER, CO, US 6 July 2009) MPEG LA, LLC, world leader in alternative one-stop patent licenses, today announced the offering of a new MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License that will provide uninterrupted coverage for the life of the MPEG-2 essential patents at reduced royalty rates beginning January 1, 2010 agreement. A lease without an end date (usually called a periodic tenancy or automatic renewal lease) is used when the lease automatically renews after a certain duration (for instance, every month, six months, or year). With this type of lease, the landlord and tenant rent until one party provides appropriate notice signifying they want the lease to end. Formplus allows you to prefill the rental agreement form with the tenant’s information and signature before sending it to them. This is especially useful when renewing an existing or expired rental agreement contract. Use of a rental agreement template written by a legal expert will ensure that all necessary sections are included and that both parties are protected if anything goes wrong. In most cases, a valid rental or lease agreement can be used as proof of address. In July, Aeromexico published a forecast of what was next to come. In that presentation, Aeromexico talked about possible codeshare agreements with powerhouse airlines like LATAM and Air France-KLM. Vistara currently has 23 Airbus A320 and nie Boeing 737-800NG aircraft fleet, according to its website. Aeromexico, which was founded in 1934, is a long-time CFM customer and took delivery of its first CFM56-7B-powered Next-Generation 737 in 2003. Today, the airline operates as three new 737 MAX 8 airplanes, as well as a fleet of more than 52 CFM56-powered Next-Generation 737s (fleet hour agreement). The producers group, was pleased that the major processor in Manitobas been able to come to an agreement with its employees and theres no disruption of the processing of pigs in the province, general manager Andrew Dickson said. At meetings held June 16 and 17, the members at two Cappola Foods locations, which are owned by Maple Leaf, ratified their FIRST collective agreement. View Article Workers did not like the agreements new biweekly pay schedule, Traeger said. Maple Leaf Foods hoped to transition the plant to a biweekly pay period in order to standardize payroll across their operations ( MSEA Issues Letter of Support for Law Enforcement Community: Learn how AFSCME members are continuing to serve their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover resources to stay informed and safe. Join others in the fight to ensure AFSCME members have what they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.Please go to the following web address for more information: Michigan state employees are joining together with a new vision and renewed strength msea secondary agreement. As for the United States, it also has low trade barriers except for certain protected sectors, such as light trucks and textiles and apparel. As shown in Table 2, in 2002, the United States collected an estimated $87.5 million in duties on imports from Singapore of $14,115.8 million for an average U.S. duty of 0.6%. This low average tariff comes from a combination of low duties on most products and relatively high duties on a few protected products. On knit apparel, for example, the United States collected $43.4 million for an average duty of 18.6% and on woven apparel collected $8.5 million for an average duty of $16.3%. Average duties on miscellaneous food items at 7.3% and on plastics at 5.4% also were relatively high ( As such, the individual is shifting the risk of having to incur significant financial losses from a traffic incident to an insurance companyProperty and Casualty InsurersProperty and casualty (P&C) insurers are companies that provide coverage on assets (e.g., house, car, etc.) and also liability insurance for accidents, injuries, and damage to other people or their belongings.. In exchange for bearing such risks, the insurance company will typically require periodic payments from the individual. For example, an insurance policy is a method of risk transfer. Purchasing derivative contracts is a method of risk shifting. Although risk is commonly transferred from individuals and entities to insurance companies, the insurers are also able to transfer risk agreement. According to whether Bank of China provides funding, we have funded risk participation and unfunded risk participation. By selling the risk participation, the lender reduces its credit risk in the loan while adding another source of financing for the borrower in the event that the borrower requires additional funding. Also, the sale the originating lenders interest allows the lender to realize new capital while allowing the lender to use the sale proceeds in new lending opportunities. 6. At maturity, under funded risk participation, after receiving payment from obligor, you should immediately make corresponding payments in the light of pro rata share to Bank of China; under the unfunded risk participation, if obligor fails to pay at maturity, you can claim reimbursement from Bank of China within the prescribed time limit risk participation agreement pricing.

Each type of derivative transaction, such as credit derivative, currency derivatives, and equity derivatives have their own definitional booklet. ISDA’s report commissioned by the “UK Financial Services Authority on behalf of the international group of OTC derivative supervisors asked ISDA in October 2009 to conduct a broad market review of bilateral collateralization practices for OTC derivatives to facilitate better understanding of current market practice, especially as it relates to the different types of counterparties active in the market.”(ISDA 2010, p. 2)[12] The key thing to remember is that the ISDA Master Agreement is a netting agreement and all Transactions depend upon each other. Therefore a default under one Transaction counts as a default under all Transactions (view). Under a code sharing agreement, participating airlines can present a common flight number for several reasons, including: The agreement between NTNU and Norwegian is binding and applies from 18 October 2017 and for 2 years, with option for 1 + 1 year. The first option has been withdrawn and the agreement will be valid until 17. November 2020. In 1913, in what was probably the earliest such agreement, a bilateral exchange of notes[1] was signed between Germany and France to provide for airship services. The state personnel manual regulates the rules on service claims. Point 9.2. Special agreement on the coverage of expenses for travel and food at home has provisions that regulate travel for employees. The agreement with Norwegian is binding and should be used as far as possible, but travel time can be considered in relation to what is the most affordable more. There are several different types of collocation made from combinations of verb, noun, adjective etc. Some of the most common types are: Means that two more more entities agree to a certain extent. They may not agree on everything or on anything specific, but there is a general, basic agreement. PHRASES breach of agreement He sued the company for breach of agreement. | the terms of the agreement The terms of the agreement do not allow such exports. Is a feeling, opinion, or discussion that results in two entities agreeing with each other.

Under Contract Act 1872, a contract is a binding agreement between two parties.

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(f) This Agreement has been prepared by Buyer and reviewed by Seller and its professional advisers. Seller and Buyer and their respective advisors believe that this Agreement is the product of all of their efforts, that it expresses their agreement and that it should not be interpreted in favor or against either Seller or Buyer. The parties further agree that this Agreement will be construed to effectuate the normal and reasonable expectations of a sophisticated Seller and Buyer ( Something in return is Consideration. In every contract, agreement must be supported by consideration. It must be lawful and real. The agreements, in which the meaning is uncertain or if the agreement is not capable of being made certain, it is deemed void. T&C of the contract should always be certain and cannot be vague. Any contract that are uncertain are considered void. The terms of the agreement must also be capable of performance and should not enforce impossible act. Deeds are required to be handwritten and sealed with the signatures of both involved parties under the witness of a third party. These include agreements like: Contract conditions are fundamental to the agreement. Rent abatement usually is outlined in the terms of a commercial or residential property lease. It may consist of clauses that define whether a landlord will reduce a tenants rental costs or eliminate these costs temporarily if a property becomes uninhabitable. Some jurisdictions have protocols in place for tenants who want to take a rent abatement case to court. For example, a tenant may be required to request an inspection by city officials if a landlord fails to resolve a property damage problem. And if the landlord still does not comply with the citys requirement to repair the property, a tenant then can bring the case to court agreement abatement meaning. The new credit event upon merger language goes well beyond the 1992 agreement provision. In particular, the new agreement picks up many indirect changes of control or substantial changes in capital structures, even if no ownership change occurred, that previously were not relevant. Dealers and sophisticated endusers intending to adopt the new agreement can look forward to months of internal meetings as its contents are digested. Changes were made that affect not only legal issues, but also business, credit and operational concerns. Ketentuan Asal Barang (Rules of Origin) merupakan ketentuan khusus yang ditetapkan berdasarkan perjanjian atau kesepakatan internasional yang diterapkan oleh suatu negara untuk menentukan negara asal barang. f. Hasil penangkapan ikan di laut yang diambil oleh kapal yang terdaftar di satu Negara Anggota dan berbendera negara tersebut, dan produk lain yang diambil dari perairan, dasar laut atau di bawahnya di luar wilayah perairan teritorial (misal Zona Ekonomi Eksklusif) Negara Anggota, sepanjang Negara Anggota memiliki hak untuk mengeksploitasi perairan, dasar laut dan di bawahnya tersebut sesuai dengan hukum internasional; Definisi MELANSIR laman resmi Kementerian Perdagangan Republik Indonesia perjanjian perdagangan bebas (free trade agreement/FTA) adalah perjanjian di antara dua negara atau lebih untuk membentuk wilayah perdagangan bebas more. 4.2 Use Obligations. Customer agrees that it will not use the Software other than as permitted by this agreement and that it will not use the Software in a manner inconsistent with its design or Documentation. The Software and any authorized copies that Customer makes are the intellectual property of and are owned by Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers. The structure, organization, and source code of the Software are the valuable trade secrets and confidential information of Adobe Systems Incorporated and its suppliers. The Software is protected by law, including but not limited to the copyright laws of the United States and other countries, and by international treaty provisions (link).

If tube feeding is required for an extended time, then a gastric or G tube is put directly into the stomach through an opening made in the side or abdomen. This second method is sometimes called a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube. It carries risks of infection, pneumonia, and nausea. Doctrines of Jehovah’s Witnesses are established by the Governing Body,[153][154] and the denomination does not tolerate dissent over doctrines and practices.[4][155][156] Members who openly disagree with the movement’s teachings are expelled and shunned.[157] Witness publications strongly discourage followers from questioning doctrine and counsel received from the Governing Body, reasoning that it is to be trusted as part of “God’s organization”.[156][158][159][160] They also warn members to “avoid independent thinking”, claiming such thinking “was introduced by Satan the Devil”[161][162] and would “cause division”.[163] Those who openly disagree with official teachings are condemned as “apostates” who are “mentally diseased”.[164][165][166] The Watch Tower Society has attracted criticism for disfellowshipping members who decide they cannot conscientiously agree with all the denomination’s teachings and practices last days not open to any agreement. Ford held office during the Cold War, and he continued Richard Nixon’s policies regarding detente with both the Soviet Union and China. He presided over the final stages of the Vietnam War, announcing in April 1975 that U.S. participation in the war had ended. In the aftermath of the war, his administration responded forcefully to both the Mayaguez incident and an incident with North Korea in Panmunjom. In the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, the Ford administration facilitated completion of the Sinai Interim agreement between Israel and Egypt. Third party physical access to the data center will be enforced as stated in the Data Center Access policy and require the approval and authorization by an Information Services Director. Third party access to the data center facilities must sign a Confidential Information Agreement prior to accessing the St. Marys University network. Third party access is temporary. Third parties must comply with all applicable rules, policies and the University standards and agreements, including, but not limited to: The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) recognizes that Vendors and other contractors serve an important function in the development and/or support of services, hardware, and software and, in some cases, the operation of computer networks, Servers, and/or applications ( After acceptation by the faculty of medicine of Rennes, the student must complete a learning agreement (obligatory part of your application form).After submission of traineeships chosen by the student, the international relations office will propose a traineeship over one or two semesters, according to your request. Its international relations are an integral part of the university and it has longstanding links with higher education institutions across all five continents. It offers 134 different diplomas for full-time, part-time or distance learning students learning agreement rennes 2. The National Credit Act prescribes limits on interest rates for all forms of credit, including micro-loans. However, the Act introduces other fees (the initiation fee and the service fee) which cause the total cost of credit to remain extremely high. No longer is it sufficient to consider only interest rates. Interest rates, initiation fees and service fees must all be carefully calculated in order to work out the total cost of credit for borrowers. The new cost-of-credit provisions came into force on June 1, 2007. 1.2.1 A credit agreement in terms of which the consumer is: The NCR may be required by the Minister to establish a single national register of outstanding credit agreements, but it has not done so yet. Once established, credit providers will have to submit the following information in relation to every credit agreement: A credit supplier may only recover a closed list of fees and charges stipulated in the Act (intermediate credit agreement). The Mietvertrag (contract / rental agreement / lease) itself contains some crucial information such as This minimum notice period only applies if the landlord wishes to turn the property over to personal use. If you have violated your rental contract by failing to pay rent or subletting, the landlord is entitled to terminate the contract without notice. You have the right, however, to protest against the termination and the matter may be taken to court (

What to do if a family member or friend dies whilst theyre a council tenant. You can find out what kind of tenancy you have on your tenancy agreement. How to buy your council home, pass it on to someone else or move into a different property Apply to exchange your home with a council tenant, or housing association tenant If we end your tenancy, we’ll serve you with a Notice of Termination (pdf, 16k) (opens new window) . We’ll do this either by post or in person. Let us know if you think a council property has been abandoned or squatted When you move into a council owned property, you sign a document called a tenancy agreement We will use the standard of underlining subjects once and verbs twice. Ever get “subject/verb agreement” as an error on a paper? This handout will help you understand this common grammar problem. Some collective nouns are generally used with a singular verb (the bourgeoisie, the proletariat). Some other collective nouns are generally used with a plural verb (the police, the militia, the clergy). However, the plural verb is used if the focus is on the individuals in the group view. Colin Henderson, industry general manager at DXC UK, comments: Speaking a common language is essential for integrating healthcare and improving patient care. This agreement is a major step forward for the NHS in driving interoperability through the delivery of a common terminology across national, regional and local healthcare ecosystems. Thank you for listening. We would welcome your feedback on this presentation, if you would like to provide feedback then please email us at From 25 May 2018 you can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for purposes other than your own care and treatment. This choice is known as a national data opt-out. If you choose to opt out, NHS Digital will apply your opt-out from 25 May 2018. All other health and social care organisations are required to apply your opt-out by March 2020 ( The visa application process and the Board registration process are separate and success in one does not automatically guarantee success in the other. For this reason we recommend that you do not apply for work or set up a practice until your registration eligibility is assessed and confirmed. Please note AHPRA and the Board cannot assist you in seeking employment or influence employment outcomes. Applicants are required to pay an overseas assessment fee and a registration fee. All the Board’s fees are published on the schedule of fees agreement. If you disagree with any of the terms of the agreement, or have questions or problems with it, raise them before you sign. A contract may or may not be written, although a written contract is both clearer and much more easily enforceable than a verbal one, since a written document makes it easier to prove that a contract agreement exists. It doesn’t have to be labeled a contract, if it’s clear that both parties intend it to be a formal document, and there’s consideration involved. It can be extremely simple, as long as the intent is clear. (For the sum of $500.00, Fred Smith will paint the outside of John Jones ‘s barn, including all trim, window sashes, doors, and window and door frames and surrounds, with two coats of red paint.) This may encompass some of the activities described above, but may also entail a more formal agreement to combine some elements of your organizations, or to work together in specific ways Linked below are the major international agreements on climate change. The full text of the treaty is linked as well as the webpage from the UN Treaties website that includes details on the participants and key dates. At COP 15 in Copenhagen in 2009, it was hoped a new legally binding agreement would be reached to follow on from the Kyoto Protocol. Although that meeting fell short of those expectations, the Copenhagen Accord did, among other matters, recognise the need to reduce global GHG emissions so as to limit the increase in global temperature to below 2 C. The Paris Agreement also states, for the first time in an international climate agreement, that we should pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 C (Article 2) (here).

You can set up the notification controls to monitor releases by amount or by percent. To monitor releases by percent, you must first have entered a value in the Agreement Amount field on the agreement’s Main tab, General section. Manage Invoice Options task setup for invoicing business unit, in the Setup and Maintenance work area You can click the Agreement Amount Life Cycle icon to view more information in order to manage the consignment process. An information window allows you to track the agreed, ordered, received, delivered, and invoiced amounts for the agreement. Using this method of centralized billing means that no inter-company invoices are required. Accounting for the purchases are managed through standard general ledger journal entries. When requisitions are converted to orders, the requested delivery date on the requisition line is compared to the current date plus the Lead Time Days on the agreement line. (Denver, Colorado, US 25 November 2002) MPEG LA today announced the availability of the MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License. Copies of the License may be obtained at, MPEG-4 Visual, The License Agreement, by telephone +1-301-986-6660 ext. 208 or email For more information, see MPEG-4 Visual at Beijing, China April 27, 2006 MPEG LA, LLC, the world leader in one-stop technology platform patent licenses, today signed an IPR Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the China Audio Industry Association (CAIA) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) during the China National Intellectual Property Rights Week 2006 (agreement). If you are about to rent a room or want to rent a room, you will need this Room Rental agreement Template. It includes all details such as terms and household rules, utilities and signatures. Whether youre an experienced or first-time landlord, you can use these resources and guides to understand in simple terms what the law says about leases and rental contracts: In some cases, tenants usually roll over to a periodic rental when their fixed-term rental expires. In July, Aeromexico published a forecast of what was next to come. In that presentation, Aeromexico talked about possible codeshare agreements with powerhouse airlines like LATAM and Air France-KLM. Before the pandemic, Aeromexico had leasing contracts that it paid monthly. Now, due to the COVID-19 crisis, is looking to shift its contracts to power by the hour (PBH) arrangements. But what does that mean? As Aeromexico said, The main advantages of such programs are mostly financial. Instead of a large cash outlay at the time of your engine overhaul, you will pay for every hour flown on a monthly basis. This will improve your cash flow and allow you to use your funds for other projects with higher returns. RPFH agreements are part of CFM Services flexible support offering fleet hour agreement. We are pleased to report that a five-year agreement at our Brandon facility was successfully ratified, a representative from Maple Leaf Foods said. We believe the agreement will offer our plant and our employees stability going forward. The producers group, was pleased that the major processor in Manitobas been able to come to an agreement with its employees and theres no disruption of the processing of pigs in the province, general manager Andrew Dickson said. The union president says the final agreement meshes well with worker priorities. The agreement out of that meeting was more acceptable to workers ( Michigan state employees are joining together with a new vision and renewed strength. Were coming together as a stronger union because, together, we are making a better future for ourselves, our families, and our communities. Were not just public employees; we provide services that Michigan residents depend on every day. We make our communities safer, we protect and preserve our states resources, we ensure safe and accessible transportation and so much more (msea secondary agreement).

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Nominated for an award – IP of the year

September 13th, 2008

I found out yestereday that following my nomination for the award of Insolvency Practitioner of the year (Personal Insolvency) that I have been shortlisted for the award ceremony to be held in London on 30 October 2008. I find this whole thing a little overwhelming, as in truth I am a fairly private person and do not really welcome a large amount of publicity, but I am seeing this honour as a way of thanking my team for all of the hard work they have put in over the last couple of years to build our practice to enjoy the reputation we currently have in the marketplace.

So some of us are of to a professional photographers on Tuesday to get some snaps done to use on the evening of the awards and for publicity both prior to the ceremony and afterwards. I hate having my photo taken, and always end up looking like a beached whale! but I am told that sympathetic lighting and a touch of airbrushing can work wonders these days. So the photographer has been instructed to transform me to a Size 10!

In the practice we had a fairly quiet August, I think most people were concentrating on having their final holidays whilst the children are still off school, and then getting the kids back to school – and what an expense that seems to be these days. We are talking to a number of new clients in September now, and are noticing a trend of people with high value properties with high secured borrowings, wanting to pull out and find cheaper rented accomodation and then be able to deal with their other debts. I think that this is a trend which we will continue to see over the next few years.

Off to Frugal Friends in Slough this evening, which is being kindly sponsored by Vincent Bond – providers of a range of debt solution services with whom I do a little work on formal insolvencies. I hope that we will have a good evening, and whilst numbers are a little low for this outing, it seems like we will be having a bumper turnout for the Christmas Party on November 15th in Birmingham. When I think that the first meetings were only attended by a couple of people, it is amazing how Andy Davie has grown this into the success it is currently enjoying – and I shall be looking forward to seeing all of you on the day.

And finally on the subject of Mr Davie – how fantastic is it that he is now going to be involved in providing debt solutions through his own company. I have met Andy loads of times, in fact I now count him and Bev as close friends (remember the great Kebab race guys!!) and I cannot think of anyone better for confused and troubled debtors to go to to get first hand advice of their options. I absolutely know that Andy will be a great success at this, and look forward to supporting him wherever I can on perhaps the more technical aspects of our work.

That’s it for now – I am going to promise myself to blog more regularly over the next few months, especially having read some of the other inspiring blogs from other posters over the last couple of weeks. You never know – even I might win Blog of the Month one day!!!

Diary of an IP – Update at 6 April 2008

April 6th, 2008

Here we are at the start of a new tax year – 2008/2009, and it is hard to believe how quickly the years roll on. It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were planning for Y2K issues in the lead up to the Millenium, and now we are nearly at the end of another decade. For all those forum members who are self-employed it is now time to make sure that you start putting monies into a savings account to meet the next tax bill, and for those who are bankrupt on IPAs and IPOs based upon zero tax codes, this should now be amended via your new PAYE codings.

It is an exciting time in my Philip Gill & Co practice, as we launched our Scottish company Philip Gill & Co (Scotland) Limited on 1 April 2008. I have a new insolvency practitioner starting with me at the end of this month, who has experience of working in practice north of the border, and we already have a few Trust Deed clients and one Liquidation in the pipeline. I am rapidly learning the intricacies of Scottish legislation, and the workings of the various personal insolvency solutions and am sure that we will soon make a significant impact upon that marketplace.

Also an interesting couple of weeks with creditors meetings – I have challlenged a creditor who sought to claim a beneficial interest in a client’s partner’s property – when they had been in their relationship for just seven months, and a modification was put forward demanding a final year equity release from the property! And also we have regrettably had our first IVA rejected this year – where a lady was offering a full and final offer of settlement to creditors from raising her share of the equity in a jointly owned property, but this was turned down on the basis that creditors did not believe that her partner had not shared from the benefit of her borrowings. She is absoutely distraught, but I have referred her to Paul Johns of Reviva who is now helping her with an assisted bankruptcy. Completely unecessary and will result in a much reduced dividend payable to creditors.

I have also held some great meetings with new clients – including forum members Buttercup, Angela 18, Trees and Barbara, and have also talked to a lady who borrowed £25,000 from one of her creditors three years ago, was made to take out a £11,500 PPI policy on top of that, which over 10 years means that she would be paying back nearly £60,000. Having paid for three years she still owes £47,000! It soon became clear that this loan was negotiated over the phone, the PPI policy was not properly explained to her, and she has not signed any written agreement. This goes to demostrate how important it is to consider the implications of this type of lending, particularly in getting and understanding of just how much it is going to cost to repay the loan.

The IVA Council have reared their heads again and despite my getting their public apology and absolute assurance that they would not circulate any more of my clients, I find that three clients have received letters just this week. They are blaming it on their marketing company, but I am now starting to find the whole thing particularly irritating. Let’s hope they get on with this Court case they say they are mounting against the “IVA factories” as soon as possible, which is bound to fail in my opinion even if they can persuade a judge to hear it. Every single one of these people who claims to have had an IVA mis-sold to them has signed on the dotted line, and that is contractually binding – so difficult to see how IPs and their firms are going to be found guilty.

Last Saturday I travelled to Birmingham for the Midlands Frugal Friends meeting in what could only be described as the worst weather ever to hit this area. Windy, and sheeting rain all the way up the M5, and I go absolutely soaked walking from the carpark to the hotel. I must admit I thought that Andy was daft to hold a meeting on a Saturday evening, but the turnout was fantastic and the general consensus from all members was that this night is better than during the week. So more Saturday night venues seem to be the order of the day. I had arranged to provide some food – hot and cold buffet being the order – but what “Fawlty Towers” produced was absolutely astonishing! I have seen better food prepared in an Army field cookhouse in the middle of Salisbury Plain – and it was absolutely embarrassing. Fortunately most of our guests saw the funny side of things, and were absolutely troopers and we did have a giggle afterwards. When I told the Duty Managers I was not prepared to pay for it, he told me not to worry as this happened quite a lot and they were used to it! These events are really starting to gain momentum, and we look forward to attending the next one in Portsmouth in May.

Am going to sign off now as Cardiff City are just about to start their FA Cup Semi-Final against Barnsley. I am not really a football fan, but we feel that we have to give our team some support as they have really done so well this year. Good luck to the Bluebirds!

Diary of an IP – Update at 19 March 2008

March 19th, 2008

Another week on, and perhaps the highlight for me (outside of the insolvency world) was to be at the Millenium Stadium on Saturday to see my beloved Welsh Rugby team complete the Grand Slam for the second time in four years! The atmosphere in the stadium was absolutely electric, and the singing was tremendous in traditional Welsh form. It is estimated that over 250,000 people were in Cardiff for the game, which is almost the same amount as our population!

Now turning to the world of insolvency, there has been much comment this week about the effect of the transfer of appointments from Debtmatters to Grant Thornton and Payplan. I have limited personal knowledge of the way Debtmatters was run, or the standard of work carried out, but with both incoming firms taking the step to vary all cases, this leads us to assume that there may be inefficiencies in the old system which need to be dealt with – for the benefit of both debtor and creditors. At at time when our profession is under such scrutiny – particularly with regard to fee income – this attention is less than favourable.

My own view is that more IVA portfolios will be sold, as the larger “factory” based companies will struggle to maintain their cost bases on the very significant drop in fee income imposed by creditors over the last few months. We are all feeling this badly, but the stronger, more specialist firms may be sufficiently capitalised and efficiently run to withstand such pressure. Let’s hope so!

What would be helpful would be if creditors could agree on the basis of fees. I am now seeing at least six different fee structures being imposed by creditor representatives, which often conflict – it is as if the voting representatives are all playing tag with each other and trying to say theirs is better than the others. Can we please get to the stage where we are either going with fixed fees or percentage based realisations? Either is fine in my book – but we have to be paid a reasonable rate for the lower end cases to justify continuing to take them on. This either has to be funded on the basis of agreed fixed costs – or the upper benchmark on fees has to be removed.

A personal triumph this week was to receive a final settlement for poster MikeS from the forum who has been a client of mine since the end of last year. Initially referred to me as an IVA, it soon became apparant that Mike’s interests were best served by the offering of an informal settlement – something that I do not do a lot of, but Mike was such a nice guy (and he brought Jaffa Cakes!) it just felt the right thing to do. One of my colleagues, Hywel Casling, deserves full credit for achieving the settlement, which took some time (as they always do!) to broker – simply because finding a decision maker is not easy when you are offering an informal settlement. Mike sold his family home to enable monies to be made available, but is now happily living with his family in a nice rented property, and is concentrating on building his business back up as he now feels he is directly benefitting from those efforts. Well done to Mike and all others who do not give up hope of eventually getting there!

I cannot believe it is Easter already – it only seems 5 minutes since Christmas, and isn’t it early this year! We have cold weather and snow predicted for the holiday weekend in Wales, so I shall be curling up with some chick-flicks and relaxing – checking the forum occasionally of course. I have a creditors meeting on Good Friday (we take Monday and Tuesday off instead!) for a very special client who is very worried about his position at the moment, so if anyone is reading this over the next few days, please send positive thoughts for him – and especially his wife who is not doing an IVA but is also very worried. If only some of the creditors could see the stress they put some people through, they might think twice about lending the money in the first place – but I guess we do have to measure irresponsibility in borrowing as well as lending.

Looking foward to the Frugal Friends meet in Birmingham in a week or so – it seems that there are going to be a few members there. It will be great to put names to faces, actually meet some of my own clients, and check out whether my thought pictures of some of the regular forum posters bear any resemblance. I feel that I really know Skippy and Aguise so well, as they have been posting on the forum for longer than me, so it should be a good night. And I am contributing to the food and drink – so make sure you bring appetities if you are attending.

Update as at 12 March 2008

March 13th, 2008

My summary is a little late this week, due to having been in Dublin for a long weekend watching my beloved Wales win the Triple Crown. It is a while since I was last in Dublin, and I had quite forgotten what a lovely city it is, and how British it still feels with a very European edge. As I can never leave work alone when I am away, I popped into their version of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to find that there is practically no debt advisory information at all. Debt solutions are generally worked out with creditors on an informal basis – with no legal protection – and bankruptcy is extremely cumbersome and expensive, with a 12 year discharge period, and whilst there were over 47,000 bankruptcies in the UK in 2005, in the Irish Republic there were only 9! Maybe they are just a little better at paying their creditors over there!

Back at base we have actually had our first rejected IVA for over 6 months, which I am absolutely smarting over as it is a lump sum offer from a good remortgage which is giving creditors nearly 60p in the £ returned within three months. One particular creditor has refused to accept the offer on the basis that her husband’s equity has not been included, however they have not been married that long and the debts were incurred before they were in a relationship. These people are honest and hardworking, and were prepared to increase their exposure to secured lending in order to make a very sensible offer of repayment to their creditors, which is vastly reduced under bankruptcy proceedings. My client will now most likely proceed with the remortgage, and retain the money to hand over to the Trustee once she has petitioned for her bankruptcy, thus resulting in over £6,000 being paid to the government in fees and charges, and perhaps another £8,000 being paid to a Trustee for the task of agreeing and paying creditor claims. Does this actually make any sense to anybody?

I have also been meeting again with many mortgage brokers this week, who are reporting that this is the flattest they have seen the housing and lending markets for a number of years. People coming out of fixed rate deals are being shocked at the level their mortgage payments are going up by, and a client of mine who bought a property two years ago at almost 100% LTV has seen an increase in payments of over £250, and cannot mortgage due to a lack of equity. It is fair to say that most people, including insolvency practitioners, did not see this credit crunch coming two years ago, and creditors simply have to be flexible when it comes to variation applications, from people who continue to strive to repay as much as they can.

This week we have also seen the suggestion that bankruptcy advertsing be stopped – or limited to just the London Gazette, which only sad people like me actually read! I have mixed feelings on this point. Firstly, if we go back to the reasons why bankruptcy was actually publically advertised in the first place then there clearly is no need to draw creditors attention to the fact given our sophisticated modern day communication systems. Secondly, I feel that the majority of people I see actually want to pay their creditors back, and will still feel a stigma about bankruptcy proceedings whether they are advertised or not. I have not read the budget in any great depth today, but my thoughts are that the provisions reported in the Telegraph the other day have been miscontrued, and actually relate to lesser forms of advertising used by IPs such as the payment of dividends and the calling of annual meetings, and in any case such new provisions are not anticipated to be introduced until 2009.

With the storms we have encountered over the last couple of days, it has made me think about the risks people in debt take in being underinsured – for buildings, contents and even life insurance. Have you ever really costed how much it would take to replace every item of furniture, electrical appliance, and item of clothing in your house. According to my husband, replacing my clothing would equate to more than the national debt – but this could easily run into £40,000 or £50,000. Contents and life insurance are relatively cheap, so I would urge all readers to relook at their policies and make sure that you have ample cover – taking advice from an IFA if necessary.

Hope the weather in your area is better than in South Wales, where the fir trees in my garden look as if they are about to fall into my conservatory.

Diary of an IP

March 4th, 2008

Hi All

Just wanted to say that over the next few months I will be providing a running commentary of interesting things I pick up along my travels as an Insolvency Practitioner in practice. I will try and keep my postings topical and all comments will be based upon my opinions and not necessarily representative of the profession as a whole.

So for this week I found out that leading creditors representative TIX is reporting a 20% reduction in IVAs on last years figures over the last four months. This correlates with the introduction of their new protocol in September 2007, which has now largely been ratified by the joint BBA/BERR IVA protocol which as introduced on 1 February 2008. With bankrutpcy numbers remaining steady, I can only assume that people entering into Debt Management Plans is on on the increase – and a few of the DMP companies I work with have confirmed that they are busier than ever.

A couple of meetings I have had in my office this week with clients has reinforced the need to meet with self-employed clients on a face to face basis, which is actually a requirement under our rules of operation in any case, but one which I feel some Insolvency Practitioners are not abiding by. Self-employed cases bring many complexities, such as the calculation of tax claims, preparation of meaningul trading projections, and simply establishing whether there is a profitable business beind the client. If you are self-employed and your IP says there is no need to meet, I would look for someone who will – as you will need their support over a long time.

We are still seeing rejections from MBNA and Link Financial (who are a company which buys MBNA debt). I have one case at the moment which is at present rejected, but my staff are furiously trying to get additional votes from other creditors to enable this to be accepted. The offer is a good one, and my clients has made it clear that if the IVA is not accepted then she will have no hesitation to declare herself bankrupt. In my practice we never let a client go without a big fight, and we find things like this challenging as they enable us to interact with creditors and understand their reasons for objection. In this particular case, most of the debts are old and have been assigned or are with Debt Collection companies, so we are not dealing with our usual contacts within the creditor representatives.

I am attending a meeting tomorrow convened by a leading Debt Mangement Company who are trying to improve awareness of the operability of DMPs to mortgage brokers in Newport. So it will be interesting to chat to the mortgage industry to see how they feel things are at present and if there is any sign of the markets improving. With many people due to receive stiff increases on their mortgage payments over the next 12 months as they move from fixed to variable rates, we will have to carefully examine how to avoid this when presenting IVA proposals into the future.

That’s all for now, but please look at my blogs regularly as I hope to keep them updated with news and interesting comment.

Happy new 2008 everyone

January 8th, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I would just like to wish you a happy 2008. I have been a bit behind on my blogs but plan to turn over a new leaf this year.
I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on insolvency.

All the best,


Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales give guidance on IVA regulation

February 20th, 2007

Following the recent media attention on the large increase in number of IVA’s, and projections for further increases over the next twelve months, the ICAEW have taken steps to ensure that people in financial trouble are getting the right advice.

The ICAEW are presently in discussion with the Department of Trade & Industry and main banks with regard to some of the misinformation presently in the public domain, such as a recent press allegation that IVA’s are not regulated – which is simply not the case.  The ICAEW wish to encourage “proportionate, accepted and industry wide standards” covering appropriate practice in areas such as advertising, reporting and advice to insolvent individuals. 

In addition to ICAEW are intending to upgrade their approach to the monitoring of high volume IVA providers, which are likely to lead to an increased frequency of monitoring visits and a more, indepth review of certain areas such as the quality of advice given.  Forthcoming legislation changes with regard to the proposing of IVA’s will require the IP to confirm in writing the advice provided to an individual before he commences work.  Those individuals will then have to confirm that they have understood the advice and the course of action which is being proposed in order to make a reasoned decision.  This is required to eradicate those firms who only offer one particular solution, and especially where bankruptcy may well be financially advantageous to the debtor compared to an IVA.  One wonders what the banks will make of all of this?

With regard to the marketing and promotion of IVAs, the Office of Fair Trading has recently warned 17 firms providing IVA services, that it considers their adverts and websites potentially mislead customers.  These businesses have been warned to take immediate action to remove or amend a number of potentially misleading statements in order to comply with OFT advertising guidance.  Examples of such statements include:-

  • falsely claiming that “up to 90% of your deby may be written off”, when the maximum would be in the region of 60-70%
  • falsely implying that they can “guarantee” a favourable outcome by the use of such phrases as “stop all interest and charges”
  • failing to state that set up and administrative fees will be required and will be taken out of payments before the creditors will receive any payment
  • failing to display the required warnings with the same prominence as the savings required
  • failing to state that homeowners may be required to remortage their properties and
  • failing to state that entering into an IVA also affects an individual’s credit rating

Clearly anyone thinking about taking advice with regard to their financial difficulties ought to beware firms which advertise in the above manner – and ensure that advice provided by an insolvency practitioner licensed by the ICAEW is presented in writing.  It is widely anticiptated that the other regulatory bodies will shortly follow the ICAEW lead.

Think you need some debt advice? – questions to ask the advisors.

February 16th, 2007

When you have recognised that are suffering financial difficulties, and feel there is nowhere to turn, there is now a wealth of firms offering advice as either insolvency practitioners, debt management companies or charitable operations.  Many of these companies operate with extensive marketing budgets, and the media is full of companies offering to assist you to write off substantial portions of your debts.  To the untrained eye, the decision as to which company to instruct can be daunting, in an area where there is yet such a degree of conflicting advice.  If you feel that you are unable to cope with the financial pressure any more, it is usually wise to obtain two or three options in order to find a balanced view.  But what sort of things should you ask an advisor in order to arrive at a decision to instruct them?  I have listed a few pointers which should help.

1  What solutions do you offer?  Most firms specialise in either Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) or Debt Management Plans (DMP).  As such, the advice you receive may well be biased towards the core business of that particular firm, and you may not receive adequate advice as to the advantages of all options available to you.  Make sure the advisor you choose counsels you on the implications, advantages and disadvantages of bankruptcy, IVA’s and DMP.  Beware anyone who tells you what you should do straight away – but favour those who recommend that you have a good think about all options and choose the right solution.  Bear in mind that the wider the options available at each advice firm, the more likely you are to get best advice and choose the right solution.

2  What procedure should I choose?  From your chats with the advisors, does it feel to you that clear ethical procedures are in place and followed by all staff who will be working on your case.  Is the firm able to provide you with feedback from other clients, have they received positive or negative feedback on the forum, and have they given you the opportunity of a face to face meeting?  Do you generally get a gut feeling that the firm is going to act in your best interests, or are they only interested in taking your money?  Ask your creditors if they have heard of the advisor, and do they have any postive or negative comments to make.  Ask them what their track record success rate is at creditor meeting approvals and successfully completed proposals.

3  At what point will you recommend a solution?  Are they telling you to do an IVA before they have gathered up all of the information from you and conducted a detailed telephone or face to face interview?  You should be wary if they have not fully investigated your personal circumstances prior to providing advice.  Anyone who comes up with a sensible solution in less than half an hour, is probably being motivated by selling you a specific product rather than finding the right solution to suit your circumstances.

4  Do you charge for advice?  You should be wary about paying for advice until you have agreed upon a solution.  Many advisors would prefer to see you paying contributions straight away, even when your proposals are being researched and prepared.  This is a good way of ascertaining whether you can afford the payments prior to formally committing to a repayment plan, however do ensure that your advisor offers you a full money back guarantee in the even that the solution is not acceptable to your creditors, or you change your mind.  After all this money is money which should be held in trust for your creditors at the end of the day.

5  What is the process?  How much work is the advisor actually going to be doing for you?  Will you be left to fill in complicated and lengthy documents on your own?  Will they write to your creditors and deal with queries in the meantime?  Can you ring them at any time for advice?  What is the timescale for completing the work?   Are they going to refer you on to another advisor?

Before you contact the company have a detailed list of your creditors and a household budget showing your income and expenditure (not including unsecured debt repayments) to hand.  Also make up a checklist of questions you wish to ask, and then you can compare the answers in making your final judgement.  Remember you have to work with these guys perhaps for the next five years, so the “marriage” must feel right and you must be assured that they are going to look after your interests as well as the creditors in the long term.

Happy hunting to you all, and don’t forget to use the forum for more specific advice.